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Our Academic Coaches Are Top-Notch

There is nothing more defeating than attempting to complete your homework but having no idea how to do it.

Students should never experience a moment when they are unable to complete their assignment because they simply don’t understand the content.

This is why our Academic Coaches are on-hand throughout each semester to assist students.  

Students have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers on a variety of subjects enabling them to complete their homework and understand the content.


The Online Math Homework Clinic is Sundays from 6:00 – 8:00 pm through Google Hangouts. In the comfort of your home, your student will receive math homework support from Math Coach, Joy Johnson.

First month fee is paid at time of purchase.  Ongoing support will be billed at $60/month thereafter.

The After School Study Center is designed especially for students who benefit by having an academic coach available to answer questions while completing their homework.   

Access can be purchased as a Single Session, in Five Session increments, or Ten Session increments.